Weekend Roundup: Ghostland Observatory, the Roots, the Cardinals, More

It was a weekend of options, a weekend of tough choices, which you already knew if you read Pete’s column. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, because there were so many shows to choose from – but it’s Monday now and we’re all feeling literary. So call me Ishmael.

A lot of great shows came through and fans were diligent about posting, so we’ve got a heck of a roundup. After the jump.

Ghostland Observatory, Friday at the House of Blues The Austin-based duo Ghostland Observatory came on over to Dallas this weekend, to play a little music under a whole bunch of flashing lights. They describe their music as “a robot making love to a tree.” They played not one, but two shows at the House of Blues and the results were pretty nifty sounding.

So now I know how those kids who had seizures in the Pokemon movies feel. Also, how Dennis Hopper must feel during a flashback. There are bright strobe lights (which do look really cool when the guitarist is in profile) and a camera person who obviously felt that the show would be improved with sudden and sharp angle turns. The turns are so quick that at one point I felt a little woozy. See what you think here:

Stoney LaRue, Friday at the Palladium Stoney was onstage doing his country thing Friday night, though listening judging by this video it’s hard to tell how much the crowd noticed. Whether they stopped talking or not, it’s a nice moment from the Taft, Texas native. Do you think the town has anything to do with the president? Got stuck in a White House bathtub once, you know. The president, not the town. Taft has a good representative in Stoney, and his bandanna looks good too.

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Trey Johnson and Friends, Saturday at AllGood Cafe The band he sings with, Sorta, is releasing their new album on October 21, but if you just can’t wait, here’s Trey Johnson and Friends - or just friend - at AllGood Cafe Saturday night performing an acoustic version of “Fools Gold” off of the new album. He’s only using two chords. We know because he’s told us, and the results have that nice coffee-house living-room feel, and the song is titled “Fool’s Gold” which most would associate with that Matthew McConnaughey movie but which makes me think of Treasure of Sierra Madre. “Badges? We don’t need no badges. We ain’t got no stinking badges.” Best movie ever. Probably has nothing to do with the song, but you decide:

Nikka Costa, Saturday at the Loft Meanwhile, Nikka Costa, another one of those red-haired guitar-playing gals, was playing up a storm onstage at the Loft. Thus irrefutably proving my theory that red hair endows you with superior guitar abilities. I fully attribute my bar chords to a scarlet-haired month, though that might have had more to with, you know, all the guitar I was playing. Maybe.

And Michael Buble was having a swingin’ good time at the Fort Worth Convention Center. It’s no Frank Sinatra, but toe-tapping nonetheless.

The Cardinals and Ryan Adams, Saturday at the Nokia We were afraid it wouldn’t happen, that the Wells Fargo Wagon - wait scratch that - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals wouldn’t come, after they canceled some shows in Kansas (though, who wouldn’t cancel a show, or do anything else it takes to get out of going to Kansas?). But the rest sure did do the band good. It’s all blue light and mellow neon roses onstage, with some darn good guitar work and singing and stuff. You won’t even mind that the video’s so fuzzy you wouldn’t be able to pick the band members out of a lineup.

The Roots, Saturday at the Palladium The Roots came through and the results were so nifty I have to show them both. SO here’s ?uestlove’s drum solo, in all its glory:

With the news that Guns N Roses long awaited album Chinese Democracy may finally be released, we’ve all been thinking back to the good ole days, humming the good ole tunes. Or at least the Roots must have because here’s their rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” I listened to this song so much I broke the tape. If you’re wondering where do we go now just follow the video. It makes me love the song more.

And the last horse is herded into the pen with a moment from the Helios Creed/Chrome show. Legendary guitarist of Chrome, Helios Creed performs that proto-industrial-acid punk with the band that made them all famous and stuff. Sounds good to me

...and that was your weekend. -- Dianna Wray

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