Weekend Roundup: Jonas Brothers, Clutch Bananas, The Veronicas, DJ Jazzy Jeff

Jonas Brothers on Saturday, June 20, at Dallas Cowboys Stadium
I heard today that Miley Cyrus and that one JoBro were back together. I wonder if the "dizzy" feeling was love or just a result from spinning the entire length of one of their songs? Either way, can we get an "awwww" for the lovestruck teens? Better yet, unleash your inner 11-year-old and let's shatter some glass, as we watch Miley performing with the Jonases in a surprise guest turn on Saturday night.

Clutch Bananas on Wednesday, June 17, at The Granada
The NBC affiliate hosted the DFW Music Mania competition last week at the Granada Theater. Looks like Clutch Bananas won the battle of the "Rock Band" bands contest. Maybe their razzle-dazzle iridescent shirts can distract you from realizing how pathetic grown men playing video games are...? Just sayin'.

The Veronicas on Wednesday, June 17, at House of Blues
The 20-year-old, twin duo The Veronicas rocked the House of Blues last week at what looks like a pretty packed performance. Apparently, they used to open for the Jonas Brothers last year? Too bad they couldn't combine forces this time around. For The Veronicas, I mean.

DJ Jazzy Jeff on Friday, June 19, at Plush

Former Fresh Prince star, DJ Jazzy Jeff visited at Plush this weekend for a DJ set. Forget the spaz you remember from the show--Jeff had his act together this weekend. Papa Banks would be proud.

...and that, more or less, was your weekend.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.