Weekend Roundup: Less Than Jake, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Rhett Butler

Warped Tour at Superpages.com Center on Sunday, July 5
Anti-Flag, Bad Religion and Less Than Jake headlined the 15th annual Warped Tour. For $40, it offered something for all types of Hot Topic-clad teenage rockers, from the roots of punk to the MySpace man of glamour, Jeffree Star. That's fierce...

Beyonce at American Airlines Center on Sunday, July 5
Beyonce balanced a heartfelt dedication to the King of Pop with her show-stopping choreography, DIY videos of "Single Ladies" and Destiny's Child hits...

Demi Lovato at Nokia Theather on Sunday, July 5
Colleyville native Demi Lovato belted out a soulful set at the Nokia Theater on Sunday night. You might recognize her from the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock? She'll release her new album, which features songs co-written by John Mayer, Jon McLaughlin and one of the JoBros, at the end of the month...

Rhett Butler at Dallas Tea Party on Saturday, July 4
This guy knows how to play a guitar. Watch Rhett sticking to the neck throughout this song, which he said is his favorite. There's a three-minute intro, yeah, but it's definitely worth listening to...

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