Weekend Roundup: Matt & Kim, The Strange Boys, BritneyStarr

Matt & Kim at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room on Friday, July 10

This New York duo, known for its high-energy performances, kept up to its standard at the Cambridge Room. Glad to see they've gained some notoriety in North Texas and moved on from 1919...

The Strange Boys at The Lounge Friday, July 10

The Strange Boys' 1960s, white-boy-esque, blues guitar is hardly complemented by Ryan Sambol's whiney vocals. The former Dallas band sets off on a 30-gig European tour this week. Lay off the pre-show greens and yellows and go for a nice cuppa chamomile tea, yeah?

Taste of Dallas 2009 at West End on Sunday, July 12

Last weekend's Taste of Dallas brought not only great food and wine to the West End, but free entertainment, arts and crafts, and a DFW's Got Talent show featuring local musicians. In this video, BritneyStarr sings about just wanting to party. I think the guy at 4:42 wants to, too!

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