Weekend Roundup: Otep, Cruefest, Method Man & Redman

Otep at The Loft on Thursday, August 6

"Nirvana means freedom from pain..." quoted Otep Shamaya before hammering into this Nirvana classic with a pungent admiration for Kurt. Otep's new album Smash the Control Machine is due out next Tuesday.

Motley Crue at Superpages on Saturday, August 8

Guitar Hero's new commercial promotes family togetherness: "The family that rocks out together, stays together." As cool as the idea seemed to thousands of parents who forced their children to sit through "Dr. Feelgood," well... I can't imagine anything good coming out of it. Excluding teased hair and crotch-hugging pants, of course.

Method Man & Redman at House of Blues on Saturday, August 8

I'm not typically found in hand-waving, hip hop crowds, but man! This looks fun! I wonder if HOB would consider stocking 40's and blunts at the bar... Just sayin'...

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Melissa Crowe
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