Weekend Roundup: Shinedown, Wilco

Shinedown, Palladium Ballroom, Sunday, Oct. 11
Shinedown, the band Pete claims he can't pick out of a lineup, played at the Palladium last night. I'll admit it: I thought Shinedown's hit "Second Chance," otherwise known as that "Hailey's comet song the EDGE plays over and over again" was Nickelback's. Oh well.

Wilco at Palladium Ballroom, Friday, Oct. 9
Did everyone leave their cameras at home this weekend? There are slim pickins on YouTube this morning. You're making my job hard, people. That said, this video isn't actually be from Wilco's Friday night gig at the Palladium, but I can guarantee the band played "Jesus, Etc."


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