Weekend Roundup: SonsStock, Rob Hunt and a Fight (No, Really!)

Jenni and the Hi Lifers at Sons of Hermann Hall's SonsStock on Saturday, August 15. This video is 40 seconds of stage and two minutes of a tour of Sons. Kinda makes you feel like you were there in all that tie-dye majesty. And, uh, Jenni: Singing folk music does make you a folk singer. Just sayin'.

Rob Hunt at Lonestar Café & Club on Saturday, August 16. I love the faces people make when they recognize their badassery--and the birthday boy, Tommy Katona is right with it. It's not my favorite (FYI, it's "Look at Little Sister") but this SRV cover is still impressive.

Fight at Cedar Springs parking lot on Sunday, August 16. It's not musical at all, but it's on Youtube and the guy filming makes it sound like it was pretty entertaining. And, uh, music is entertaining. So, hello, connection. By the way: The audio is NSFW (Headphones? Yes.) But two questions. Why is this in the Kroger parking lot? And can someone get this guy a job filming for Jerry Springer?

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