Weekend Roundup: Tilly and the Wall, Joshua Radin, The Spazmatics, RX Bandits, Martina McBride, Less Than Jake

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Like sands through the hourglass, these are the Dallas music-related videos uploaded to Youtube this weekend...

Alas, there are no videos of our DOMA Showcase up on Youtube yet (we'll have a slideshow up shortly here, though). But--shocker--apparently there were other shows this weekend aside from ours! Here's what they looked like...

Tilly and the Wall played the Granada on Wednesday night. Aside from the general adorable aesthetic this band brings to the table, you'll also notice that the band has no drummer--just a tap dancer on a box. The good news here: The next time someone tries to stump me by asking "OK, quick, name a tap dancer!", I'll be able to respond with a confident "Uh, that girl from Tilly and the Wall, right?" So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

There was this stretch of time a few months back where pretty much every girl I met told me how obsessed she was with Joshua Radin. And, lookie here, he played the Palladium on Saturday! What're the odds. Anyway, based solely off of my experiences with those women, I can tell you that he's a pretty big deal with the ladies. And, apparently, people who laugh when they those ladies put on his CD and say, "Really? This guy?" aren't such big deals with the ladies.

L.A.'s The Spazmatics played The Loft this week--I think. Couldn't find any info on their show. But someone who posted this next video to Youtube loved it. So, too, it seems, did the rest of the singing-along crowd. And, know what? Good for them. It's not like a touring group of dweebs singing '80s cover songs gets all that many opportunities to call home and say "Hey, mom! Look! We finally made it!"

When coming up with their band name, do you think RX Bandits' members knew how much meth was going to take off in the coming years? Or is that more just a karma thing?

Country superstar Martina McBride played Superpages.com Center on Friday night. And, OK, it has to be asked: At what point is a stage set-up too extravagant for a country artist? The answer: Never. At least not in the modern country age.

First Less Than Jake was ska. Then it became this kind of pop-punk amalgamation in an effort to keep up with the times. So what did they bring to their in-store gig at Good Records this weekend? Bluegrass, it seems!

And that was your weekend--shockingly still devoid of all Ours coverage... --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.