Weekend Roundup: Toadies, Depeche Mode, Peter Bjorn & John

Dia de los Toadies at Rough Creek Ranch in Glen Rose Saturday, August 29
The Toadies playing "Possum Kingdom" at Possum Kingdom is almost too much for my brain to handle, so it's probably best the second annual Dia de los Toadies headed away from that lake for this year's fest. No Toadies set is complete, though, without the crowd shouting along to the band's classic "Possum Kingdom"--and neither disappoints here.

Depeche Mode at Superpages.com Center Saturday, August 29
Depeche Mode canceled shows earlier in the summer because of Dave Gahan's surgery and a bum leg he injured at a show in Spain--but you couldn't tell Saturday night. A big screen (not quite as big as the one at Cowboys Stadium) showed a sweaty, shirtless Dave gyrating around the stage. The crowd--a mass of uplifted, swaying arms--is enough explanation why Depeche Mode is still touring after nearly 30 years.

Peter Bjorn and John at Superpages.com Center, August 29, 2009

Depeche Mode brought along Swedish indie rockers Peter, Bjorn and John for the "Young Folks." Yep, of course they played that song. Also, be warned: This video is shot from backstage and is Cloverfield-style shaky until about a minute in. But you'll be rewarded with a shot of Peter's tight blue pants and white suspenders in the end, making it all worthwhile.

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Jayme Rutledge
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