Were You at Tripping Daisy's First Show? Jeff Liles Has Been Archiving Your Dallas Concert Memories.

As someone who didn't grow up in Texas, I've been looking through Jeff Liles' recent Dallas concert video postings and feeling oddly nostalgic. Skinny Puppy at the Bronco Bowl in 1992, The Dwarves at Club Clearview in 1991, Throwing Muses and KMFDM at Trees in 1991.These were shows I was too young to attend, but the early '90s have always held a special place in my heart.

And the fashion! That's probably the best part. That weird alien suit the guy from Skinny Puppy's wearing! Tim DeLaughter's pants! It's a pretty cool look back at an era that gave us some great music, and some petty bad music (and fashion).

"Not really compiling that old stuff for anything," Liles says. "Just wanted to get it up and online before the tapes self-destruct for good."

Do you remember any of these shows? If so, leave your memories, however hazy, in the comments.

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