What An OK Go Music Video Would Probably Look Like If OK Go Could Actually Dance.

I watched this video like seven times last night. It's amazing. It has no local ties;

according to the people that uploaded the clip

, it's from a group of Japanese musicians. I asked the

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Fizzy Dino Pop

's Avery Williamson, who now lives in Tokyo, if he knew who it was.

Despite his being the closest thing we can think of when it comes to being a J-pop expert

, he was as clueless as we are.

Thing is, I don't even necessarily care if I know who it is. I just feel like a better person for having watched it.

What, you really need there to be more of a local tie for me to do a post on this video? Fine. After the jump, check out a clip of some dude popping and locking to Fizzy Dino Pop's "Space," one of a whole slew of Fizzy tracks we've shared with you as free downloads throughout the years.

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