What It Was Like: Lucero Opens Up The DOMAXXII Showcase

Outdoor Stage
4:30 p.m.

No band could have opened the DOMAXXII outdoor stage showcase better than Memphis' alt-country act, Lucero.It was hot as blazes, and the first thing out of lead singer Ben Nichols' mouth was that playing this show was "like playing a show on a frying pan."

Yeah, it was.

Despite the lack of shade, there were still plenty of people in the audience to laugh along at Nichols' heat-centered banner, which would continue for the remainder of the afternoon. 

Nichol's voice indeed proved to be the centerpiece for this band. He sounded like he's smoked a thousand too many cigarettes, drank a thousand too many whiskeys, and been to about a thousand too many parties.

And that's exactly what the Lucero show turned into--a huge party.

The set started with a distorted guitar strum that Nichols said "sounds like angels singing." Its tone was full and almost as gritty as his voice when the band ran through the first three up-tempo numbers. Dancing in the audience ensued almost immediately, which proves that Lucero has a different breed of fans.

Die-hard doesn't seem to cut it. Who else would show up on the hottest day of the year and belt out the lyrics to every song on the setlist--which, turns out, doesn't exist.

"We never make a setlist," said the shirtless bass player, John Stubblefield, in a thick country drawl after the show.

The proof was at the concert's halfway mark when the band decided to finish the show by only playing requests, which turned into a bartering system between the audience and the band--a beer for a song. 

The first request was "Sweet Little Thing," from their album Tennessee, followed by another classic, "Tears Don't Matter Much." 

Just before they closed out the set with the ultimate party-ender, "Drink Til We're Gone," a guy in the audience shouted another request for "Sweet Little Thing."

Nichols replied, "We just played that two songs ago. Heat stroke has finally set in."

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