What To Expect From Neon Indian's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Performance Tonight...

Earlier this afternoon, the Denton-sprung Neon Indian posted a note to its Facebook page teasing their return performance tonight on

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

: "I think Fallon is joining the band..." the note read.

Considering how geeked out on the band Fallon was the last time the band performed on his show, we wouldn't be altogether surprised if this were true.

For now, though, we're gonna assume for now that the person behind the post was joking. Still, you can expect something else special to happen during the band's performance of "Polish Girl" tonight, for sure.

In addition to introducing a few new, familiar members into the band's lineup, tonight's performance will also feature some assistance from the Vice and Intel collaborative art project, The Creators Project.

You may have noticed that it was on the YouTube page for The Creators Project where the video for Neon Indian's "Polish Girl" first appeared earlier this week. That's because, at least in part, the team, which contributed art installation aspects to various performances at Coachella earlier this year, had a hand in creating the effects for the Tim Nackashi-directed piece.

Tonight, they'll again have a hand in the band's offering of the song, promises Neon Indian publicity rep Daniel Gill of Force Field PR. There will be smoke and visual elements aplenty during the performance, Gill promises, while sharing that the band has spent a number of days rehearsing specifically for this performance. Indeed, it will be one-time thing; The Creators Project's installation will not be joining the band on the road or anything like that.

"That'd be way too expensive," Gill says with a laugh.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.