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Whatever Happened With That Deep Ellum Compilation?

About two months ago, we told you about Responsible Johnny frontman Rob Michaud's plans to release a Deep Ellum compilation called Wish You Were Here...Love, Deep Ellum.

When the local punk singer informed us of his whole-hearted effort to revitalize the music scene in Deep Ellum, we said "kudos"--and basically forgot about the thing until we received an update on the project earlier today.

Turns out, putting out the record is taking quite a bit longer than Michaud expected. "I thought, with home recording so cheap nowadays, it would be a piece of cake to get 20 bands knocking out songs instead of the old days of having to book studio time. But, apparently I was wrong."

While his project may have taken a slow turn, Michaud is still making progress. If you're interested, you can stream the first handful of songs for free from The Lash Outs, Giggle Party, and others over at the Deep Ellum Comp's ReverbNation site.

And keep checking back, because, according to Michaud, the submission list is growing daily.

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Daniel Hopkins
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