Whatever, I Would Have Been a Terrible Date for The xx Anyway

The Sundown at the Granada is a dangerous place to jokingly ask for shots while competing in a dating game. I missed the Grammys, my train stop and my bed when I tried to fall into it.

When the theater announced they would be doing a dating game to give away tickets to their sold-out The xx shows I immediately jumped at the chance to have a little fun with their application process. I sent in an application full of reasons why I didn't really like the band, and how my ideal date would be able to calculate a WAR. This was a mistake, as Granada employees Gavin Mulloy and Chris McDonald called me out on various social media sites for my application and managed to talk me into participating.

The brain child of McDonald and presented by our Arts blog, Mixmaster, The xx dating game consisted of four rounds of alternating bachelors and bachelorettes asking a panel of three suitors varying questions, while running commentary was provided by comedienne Chelsea Hood and Mavs ManiAAC Drew Lyons. Some of the questions were on the mild side: I was asked "What's the most useless superpower," while a panel of young ladies were asked by one bachelor about their "booty quake."

Throughout the afternoon the packed Sundown at Granada patio crowd serenaded the contestants with applause and cat-calls alike, taking every opportunity to cheer answers and audibly choose favorites. At one point, the crowd even fell utterly silent as a contestant broke out into a Boyz II Men song. I was not looking forward to having follow this up.

After being called up to the stage area to join my fellow suitors, I made the grave mistake of asking the crowd to purchase a shot for me, due to "being to sober for this." Because while I did manage to survive the first cut of the round, my inability to kiss a pillow or be actually clever other then a handful of one liners and calls for shots, caused me to eventually not be chosen as the lucky suitor.

I for one am looking forward to the Granada doing this this again, as the packed crowd and smiling contestants proved that this was an overwhelming success and is the type of innovative marketing this music scene needs. I say we keep up the fun Dallas, let's turn our sunny patios into series of game show sets and cheer each other on in a quest for good time. Honestly, I'm just hoping we'll get a Father John Misty Gong Show.

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Jaime-Paul Falcon