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Fashion Notes: Ronnie Heart Effortlessly Channels the ’70s in His Music and His Wardrobe

Ronnie Heart believes in style that is effortless.
Ronnie Heart believes in style that is effortless.
Jamie Jones
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“I like going wild in nice clothes,” Ronnie Heart says. Anyone who has seen the disco funk man do his thing live can attest to the validity of that statement.

It’s dance music after all and Heart has never been one to shy away from showing off his own dance moves on stage while sporting a crisp suit. “When I perform I like wearing my fancy clothes but I tend to physically exert myself and throw myself on the stage,” he says.

Heart is a lover of shoes that make it easy for him to execute his dance moves, soft fabrics and statement-making bolo ties. Beyond a preference for comfortable pieces to move around in, Heart doesn’t feel his look can be categorized. “If there’s a unifying thread in regards to my style I haven’t really found one.”

However, he doesn’t deny that there’s a connection between the music he makes and the clothes he wears. Some of Heart’s favorite musicians are Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, who clearly put “effort into their presentation.”

Heart has also incorporated their use of jazz cords, funk bass and driving beats into his sound. “Late ’70s and early ’80s groups of the cosmic funk era always looked sleek and uniformed as an onstage ensemble, so by osmosis, I’ve borrowed a few elements of their attire,” he says. “The same goes for the music.”

If he had to choose, he says music would come before fashion, but he strives for an effortlessly chic look for him and his band. “All I think about is melodies and riffs and rhythms, but we know how to look good, too,” Heart says, adding that outfit decisions are made a day or two before a gig.

When it comes to everyday wear he prefers to keep it simple, sticking to a monochromatic palette. He never wears clothes with slogans or words as he prefers to look “brandless.”

His style advice for others? “Just because something looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean that it’ll look good on you. Don’t force it. It’s got to look effortless.”

With that advice in mind, here are a couple Ronnie Heart-inspired pieces to add to your wardrobe and make your own.

Fashion Notes: Ronnie Heart Effortlessly Channels the ’70s in His Music and His WardrobeEXPAND
collage by Caroline North

Black Derby Shoes - $99.95, Nordstrom
Simple, black and sleek, these shoes are perfect to quickly slip on and bust a move on the dance floor.

Black Skinny Jeans - $39.99, H&M
Heart looks for smoothness in the pieces he wears. These black jeans do the trick for everyday wear.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirt - $49.97, Nordstrom Rack
Heart likes to add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic look. Pair this bright printed dress shirt with your black shoes and jeans.

Wings & Turquoise Stone Bolo Tie - $22.32, Sheplers
Heart doesn’t like to wear jewelry. Instead he prefers to accessorize with an eye-catching bolo tie. This bolo tie featuring a turquoise stone will definitely take your outfit to the next level.

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