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Wild Detectives Embrace the Culture of Oak Cliff with Chicha Concert

About six months ago, The Wild Detectives opened its doors with the intention to be more than just a bookstore. So far they've hosted readings, wine tastings and book presentations as well as their backyard shows. As an aspiring member of the Oak Cliff community (and not just another fixture of the rapidly changing Bishop Arts District), the store has strived to embrace its neighborhood.

Tomorrow night, they'll be expanding their eclectic offerings with a Chicha party featuring live music and cultural revelry. Food will also be served by Taqueria el Paderino because, let's face it, every facet of life is improved by adding tacos.

Denton's Los Patos Poderosos -- which translates to, literally, "The Mighty Ducks" -- will be performing as part of this Latin culture celebration. The band is made up of UNT teachers and students and will be playing in the backyard of the bookstore while the inside will remain low-key and functional.

Javier Garcia del Moral, who owns the store with Paco Vique, said the event serves to help the store move beyond hosting indie folk-rock music and experiment with other genres they adore.

"We love Chicha and psychedelic Cumbia," Javier said, explaining how Chicha is a hybrid of traditional Latin music and surf or progressive rock.

The Chicha genre originated in Peru around the 1960s, he said, and the music stuck to more American scales than other forms of Cumbia, the genre Chicha branches off from. Chicha even contains guitar solos in many of its songs -- a supremely rock music creation.

This blend of counterculture and tradition within the genre is a perfect microcosm of what Oak Cliff is experiencing as a community: a crossover of two cultures. And that's no accident. Javier said the idea was sparked during the Marfa Film Festival after watching musical performances from hispanic orchestras. Inspired, he endeavored to bring this experience to Wild Detectives.

"The fact that we are in Oak Cliff makes this a no brainer," he said. "There are very few areas in DFW where this could be more appropriate."

Javier said that hispanic culture-oriented events will definitely be a repeating occurrence, but not on a fixed schedule at the moment. He added that he hopes to continue developing music offerings, such as introducing hip-hop or electronic music performances as well.

The event starts at 7 p.m. tomorrow night at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff.

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