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Will Johnson Releases Solo EP, Josh T. Pearon Gets Daytrotted and Robert Gomez Gets Smart.

Three dudes who were once local but aren't any longer -- Will Johnson (Austin), Josh T. Pearson (Paris) and Robert Gomez (Seattle) -- are up to some cool things of late.

One just released a new EP. Another gets some lingering post-SXSW exposure. And the third needs your help in putting out a whole bunch of songs about decapitation.

We'll tell you about it, in news brief form, after the jump.

  • We're still a month away from the official release of Centro-matic's new album, Candidate Waltz, but you don't have to wait any longer to hear new tunes from the genius songwriting mind of the band's frontman, Will Johnson. This week, Johnson beat his band to the punch by quietly releasing a new EP of songs called the Little Raider EP. Recorded in February in the home of Spoon drummer Jim Eno, the six-song effort is available for purchase and download here. Act quickly, too: If we're reading that page right, it looks like there's only 67 hard copies remaining of the limited release

  • While performing down in Austin for South by Southwest -- and wowing us in the process -- former Lift to Experience frontman Josh T. Pearson joined up with the folks at Daytrotter to record a session of his meandering, heart-wrenching, stripped-down tunes. Yesterday, the folks behind the site finally got around to posting their free, five-song recording. Grab it here. Daytrotter's Sean Moeller on why you should: "Pearson will be a man who will always look and speak like he's heading off to church, but he'll always feel like one who's been damned."

  • A few months back, Robert Gomez up and packed his things and took off for Seattle because, clearly, Denton wasn't rainy enough. But it looks like the Seattle climate has been good for his creativity -- if not, necessarily, his soul. This week, Gomez launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so he can record his musical interpretations of Robert Olen Butler's Severance, which he describes as "a collection of 62 entries from a decapitated head of a mythical, fictional or historic figure before oxygen runs out." Adorable. Help him out -- and earn back some sweet incentives -- by donating to his cause right here.

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