Foo Fighters. (Ben Watts)
Foo Fighters. (Ben Watts)

Foo Fighters. (Ben Watts)

Win Foo Fighters Tickets

Probably not a surprise, but we'll be at the January 23 Foo Fighters show at American Airlines. Want to be there, too, (and not spend any cash)? E-mail me by 3 p.m. with the subject line "Foo Fighters Tickets." We'll draw two names at random and each will win a pair of tickets to the show. Of course, you might have to pick them up at the Observer office. -- Chelsea Ide

Update: Good golly you guys want free tickets to this show! More than 100 people emailed me (some preaching love for me, the blog and the Foo Fighters). At 3:05 p.m two names were chosen at random. Our winners are Ian Fredrickson and Crystal Welborn. Don't be discouraged, though, we may get another set of tickets before the big day. Keep checking back.

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