Win Smashing Pumpkins Tickets

We happen to have a pair of tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins show at Nokia on Saturday, Nov. 3. We love you guys, so we thought we'd share the wealth. I'm a Halloween nut, so we're having a little Halloween-themed contest. Below is a picture, compliments of a DC-9 friend, of a zombie lady. We want you to figure out what's she's doing. Write a caption for the photo, post it as a comment (make sure to include your e-mail so we can contact you), and come noon on Wednesday, we'll pick a favorite. Be clever, funny and gross. We're all about that. Oh, and the tickets come with club and parking passes. -- Chelsea Ide

Update: We've picked a winner. We can't resist jokes about the Trinity River, so J. McKenzie wins with this cutline:

Blue hair, pale skin, psychotic rage...she is obviously suffering from the effects of a swim in the Trinity River.

Watch your email for the details on collecting your winnings.


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