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With Mick's On Greenville Burned Down, Flava Shop Looks For A New Home.

DJ A1 (born Arnold Velasco) has eight years of fond memories from spinning and mixing records at Mick's Bar, one the four establishments on the Lower Greenville block that burned down on March 2. In particular, he counts the nights at the location between 2001 and 2002--when he and a few fellow DJs spun underground hip-hop and top 40 to a particularly loyal crowd as a part of Flava Shop on Tuesday nights--among some of his fondest memories in Dallas.

Now, though, with Mick's gone, A1 and fellow DJs Cold Chris, Big Phreaky, Kevy Kev and all the Flava Tuesdays staff are coming together to plan their next move.

In fact, at some point tonight, A1 says, they should come to a decision on where Flava Shop Tuesdays will be held as the Lower Greenville block is rebuilt.

Till then, all that A1 could say was that venues in the running would be near the Lower Greenville block. One possible hint he provided was that the night could be moved to a spot between Lower Greenville and Henderson Avenue that isn't usually open on Tuesdays.

Keep your browsers open for an update on Flava Shop Flava Tuesday's next venue. We'll let you know once we hear anything.

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Shahryar Rizvi
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