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Yeesh: Kings of Leon Cancel Remaining US Dates, Including Dallas, Houston Reschedules.

If there was a silver lining to the fact that Kings of Leon had to cut their Friday night set at Gexa Energy Pavilion short because lead singer Caleb Followill was "overheated" (right...), it was this: The band's promised rescheduled performance set for September 21 was setting itself up to be the first Kings of Leon show we'd really looked forward to in some time.

I mean, c'mon: Is there anything more consistently amusing than the guy who got too drunk at the last party showing up to the next one, only to sheepishly apologize to everyone before trying to pretend like he wasn't an asshole the last time around? OK, maybe a few things. But, point is, it was looking like a potentially grand ol' time.

Only, well, now it looks like it's off: TMZ is reporting that the band has canceled all of its performances through September 28, when the band kicks off its Canadian touring leg, because, apparently, them down-home Southern Followill boys don't think they have news access up in the Great White North. (Turns out, they do.)

The straight word from the folks at Live Nation:
"We are so sorry to say Kings of Leon are canceling their entire US tour due to Caleb Followill suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion. The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break. Unfortunately, the US dates cannot be rescheduled due to the band's international tour schedule. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. Tickets purchased online or via phones will be automatically refunded. The band will resume touring in Canada at the Rogers Center in Vancouver, BC, on September 28th. That show was originally schedule for September 14th."
Shame, too, because we'd just found another reason to enjoy Kings of Leon once more: Bassist Jared Followill.

Dude's been awesome throughout this whole ordeal, posting honest, revealing insights into the behind-the-scenes goings-on via his Twitter account. Seriously, check out some of his tweets from Friday through today:

All this after he and drummer Nathan Followill went and apologized to the Gexa Energy Pavilion crowd, telling audiences to hate Caleb and not them.

Long story short: You're OK in our book, Jared. Keep your head up, dude. Sorry about your brother.

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