Yes, We Dared To Ask: What Are Deer Tick's Favorite Alcoholic Beverages?

Rhode Island's ramshackle band of rockers, Deer Tick, has been rather prolific since the release of 2007's

War Elephant

. That album that won fans with the literate, country rock stylings of lead singer and songwriter John McCauley III. It wasn't before everyone was ready to lather the stickiness of the alt-country label on them, regardless of what sounds actually inhabited their albums.

But when the dark and often melancholy Black Dirt Sessions album saw the light of day in 2010, listeners got something sonically and lyrically new from the outfit. McCauley's writing, as well as the featured instrumentation boasted a growth and maturity that helped the band leap well above preconceived notions of what the band was destined to always sound like.

After taking the slightest of breaks from recording -- perhaps thanks to McCauley's status as a member of Middle Brother along with Dawes' Taylor Goldsmith and Delta Spirit's Matt Vasquez -- the band is now back on the road supporting the brand new Divine Providence.

Again, the album displays a new direction, though it may not have the polished sheen of a band maturing gracefully. But in the case of this band and this album, that's a very good thing. With songs like "Something to Brag About," "The Bump," and "Main Street," the group employs a deft touch with Replacements-style drunk-rock and general garage-centered rambunctiousness.

Tonight, in support of that album, the boys of Deer Tick will be making their second visit to Dada since the venue's reopening. With the show looming, we thought it proper to ask each member of this band of notorious partiers (see their new song: "Let's All Go To The Bar") what their All-Time Favorite Alcoholic Beverages are. Check it out their answers after the jump.

Deer Tick's All-Time Top Five Alcoholic Beverages.

1. John McCauley: "Give me a Brandy Alexander."

2. Robbie Crowell: "I love Tito's Vodka."

3. Chris Ryan: "I'm a Manhattan Man"

4. Ian O'Neil: "Easy: Sour Apple Puckers on prom night."

5. Dennis Ryan: "One word: GIN!"

Deer Tick plays with Virgin Forest at Dada in Dallas tonight

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