Yesterday at NX35: Giggle Party at The Boiler Room

Band: Giggle Party
Venue: Boiler Room
Time: 1145 p.m.

Dallas' frenetic, mad-genius punk act Giggle Party started setting up onstage at The Boiler Room by not only plugging in, but by blowing up balloons.

As such, its show started with cheers--plus drunken catcalls and pre-recorded instructions on how the audience could participate, go figure. In turn, long before the band started to play music, its crowd had swelled, its audience already jumping.

It wasn't altogether unlike the New Year's Eve-like atmosphere you feel at a Flaming Lips show--only even more hyper-charged.

Four songs in, immensely-talented guitarist Aaron Eash paused to strip off his pants and sneakers. He's overly animated, and nearly elastic, onstage. Bassist Jason Reichl and keyboardist Katrina Michie were also pants-less before long, and pulled some 20 people from the crowd on stage to jump with them before launching into abbreviated, and, OK, botchy covers of the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" and Blur's "Song 2." More than anything, though, these songs provided an  entry into Giggle Party's own signature punk track, "Jason Bought A Hatchet," which saw the band passing out more party toys as it played.

As quickly as it started, though, it was over--and that much was signaled with a post-apocalyptic, colorful dust of confetti having settled over the stage while the band walked off in smeared clown makeup, and matching, sweat-soaked, turquoise underwear.

Per a decal on the bass guitar: "Sorry about the mess." No apologies for the fucking kickass live music, though.

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