Yesterday at NX35: News, Notes, Sights and Sounds from Night One

Alan Peppard's name-dropper would've popped its springs last night.

At J & J's, Matthew Gray of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea took in Sabra Laval's set as Daniel Folmer also enjoyed the chilled out vibe. Quick's Hunter Hauk also showed up near the end of the set...

Over at Dan's, I chatted with Brent Best, got out of the way of Bowling for Soup's Chris Burney, spotted members of the Von Ehrics (that or just some dudes with crazy long beards), and Starhead's Ira Wile was milling about at both venues.

While chatting with Brent Best, he gave me news that will please fans of both of his beloved bands: While he's been working with and producing some up-and-coming bands recently, he suspects that Slobberbone and The Drams will each have their own albums out in the not too distant future--even though specifics on either project haven't been determined.

Best is also hopeful for the continuation of NX35, as he views it as a more laid-back alternative to SXSW, which he has performed at many times, and chose not to participate in this year...

...Meanwhile, tons of folks were drinking Schlitz from a can at J & J's. It's one thing to wear the cutesy, fake-vintage T-shirts from Target or Urban Outfitters, but now we can't even drink beer without having to project some sort of irony?

...Speaking of trends, judging from the turn-out, it seems as though to wear a beard or eye-glasses, one must in fact, wear both at the same time, with Isaac Hoskins being the exception to the rule on Thursday night. Razor and contact lens manufacturers seem to have lost their Denton market completely.

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Kelly Dearmore