Yesterday At NX35: Possessed by Paul James at RGRS

BAND: Possessed by Paul James
TIME: 11:00 p.m.

Konrad Wert leans back under the stage lights, seated above a duct-taped stomp box with a wilting bow extended above a fiddle.

"Oh mother, oh mother!" he shouts, hyping the crowd.

Convulsing from the bottom up, he whirs his face side to side and lets out a primal "NEIGH!" He stomps the bass drum and tambourine to life. His alter ego, Paul James, has arrived.

Wert begins referring to himself in the collective--"Thanks for having us here tonight!" This one-man band is no solo act. Wert (aka James), is part-drummer, part-fiddle-/banjo-/guitar-player, part-howling Leprechaun. A Mennonite turned Austinite Texan, his music seems to encompass Point B to Point Y of his life's polar odyssey.

A ruckus jig shakes dust from the rafters and then settles into an acoustic ballad. When at the peak of a gyrating frenzy, his upper and lower extremities in spastic motion, his fiddle bow is methodically poised for precision.

Whether it's Multiple Personality Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome or ADHD., he had Rubber Gloves kicking right along with him.

Or them...

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Erin Waters
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