Yesterday at NX35: Sarah Jaffe at Dan's Silverleaf

Band: Sarah Jaffe
Venue: Dan's Silverleaf
Time: 11:00pm

After a fairly subdued set by Odyssey and a very quiet set Trespassers William, it was a little odd to see that Sarah Jaffe and her acoustic guitar perform the loudest set of the night at Dan's Silverleaf.

Despite the volume of the songs, it was the emotion that Jaffe put into her set that made her homecoming set so awe-inspiring.

After starting off with a simple "Hello, it's good to be home," she had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Although, honestly? It was already there. A stunning version of "Backwards/Forwards" only further infused the crowd, bringing the room to a fever pitch with the audience's adoration of the guitar and bass-slinging chanteuse. Throughout her set, Jaffe commented on how much she loved Denton and her fans, while thanking everyone for coming out. There were times while she spoke when it looked like she was emotionally moved by the reaction of the crowd.

Aside from "Backwards/Forwards," the evenings biggest ovation came on the opening notes of "Even Born Again." It was as if Led Zeppelin had started "Stairway To Heaven."

Yes, the reception was that loud.

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