Yesterday at NX35: The Heelers at Dan's Silverleaf

BAND: The Heelers
VENUE:  Dan's Silverleaf
TIME: 9 p.m.

Heelers lead-man Isaac Hoskins bounced onto the stage and immediately got to work as the bass drum acted as an authoritative gavel behind him.

It was fitting that Brent Best was watching the show from the side of the stage, as The Heelers intensely wove a tapestry of tales filled with drink, smoke and despair--much the way that Slobberbone did for years on that very same stage.

The older-skewing crowd of 100 or so witnessed maybe the hardest-rocking band to ever feature a pair of bongos as the Heeler's mixed new tracks with numbers from Hoskins' solo output throughout the set.

"In Case You Might Forget" slowed things down a tad, but the live version still charged much harder than Hoskins' album cut. The bluesy rocker, "Hitchhikin'" picked the pace back up considerably before closing out their set around 10.

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Kelly Dearmore