Yesterday at NX35: Whiskey Folk Ramblers at Sweetwater

Band: Whiskey Folk Ramblers
Venue: Sweetwater Bar & Grill
Time: 12:15 a.m.

It seemed like, no matter where I went in Denton on Friday night, everyone appeared to be much cooler than I was.

At Hailey's, people's jeans were a little tighter than mine. At Dan's Silverleaf, the flannel shirts probably had higher thread counts than the one I had on. But, when I walked into Sweetwater, I found a group of people who were less interested in looking cool and more interested in just having a good time.

That's what's refreshing about the Whiskey Folk Ramblers. The band embraces the idea that music should be fun and, judging by the capacity crowd of bearded dancers, the band's members aren't the only ones. Watching them perform was like being in a mountain community dance hall--only with a few misplaced hipsters milling about. 

The energy showed no signs of mellowing as WFR switched back and forth from classic country-swing to bar-room rockers. Accordians and trumpets added a gypsy and sometimes even burlesque element to the otherwise monotonous fare.

To the naked ear, each song sounded almost identical to the one before it. But to the guy holding two beers while cutting loose on the dancefloor, it was his favorite performance of NX35. And looking cool was the last thing on his mind.

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