You Gave Me What? Part 3: Bob Dylan Box

You Gave Me What? Part 3: Bob Dylan Box

We're out to steer you toward the best in last minute stocking stuffers for the music junkie in your life. (We're also quick to point out those gifts to avoid.) We've got five great picks -- one a day this week. This third part is important to read if you're considering a spendy box set.

Part 1: Badfinger's Back Part 2: Worthwhile Beatles Bio

Bob Dylan Box Equal in cultural significance to yesterday's pick is Bob Dylan, who was the subject for yet another box set a few months back with the inventively titled Dylan. How many discs does it take to get Dylan right? As long as Dylan continues to release (overrated) new material, some will see a need to re-anthologize him in order to include the inferior, recent product. The compilers could have done us all a favor and just included the entirety of 1997’s Time Out of Mind as the third disc instead of drivel like “Brownsville Girl” and “Silvio.” -- Darryl Smyers

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