You Gave Me What? Part 5: Reliving Husker Du

We're out to steer you toward the best in last minute stocking stuffers for the music junkie in your life. (We're also quick to point out those gifts to avoid.) We've got five great picks -- one a day this week. Our final piece is perfect for that person who always says, "I remember when..."

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Reliving Husker Du As the heralded leader of Husker Du and Sugar, Bob Mould hasn’t had the consistent solo career fans of either band had hoped for. Murky attempts at electronica and sub-par songwriting have derailed several recent efforts. Circle of Friends is a DVD of a 2005 live performance where Mould actually embraces instead of retreats from his celebrated past. Amps are set at 11 as Mould and a top-notch assemblage offer up several Husker Du chestnuts such as “Celebrated Summer” and “I Apologize.” Rarely as engaging and cheerful, Mould’s mood certainly mirrors that of the Christmas season. -- Darryl Smyers

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