You Plus Dallas Reveals Ishi's Mission Statement: "Turn That Frown Upside Down"

It's been a year of starting over for


. Earlier in 2011, the band lost dynamic singer Taylor Rea, who was replaced by the talented but far less charismatic Becky Middleton. The band seems to be moving forward nicely, though.

And, as we see from the above interview piece posted over at You Plus Dallas, Ishi is looking forward to 2012 as their best year yet. "We used to get off on playing really slow, chill bedrock ... now we wanna dance," says hairless drummer JJ Mudd during the You Plus Dallas interview. Ishi's debut album, 2010's Through The Trees, was a mellow and at times monotone record, but judging by the way the Mudd brothers describe the next effort, it's going to be far more upbeat, and the accompanying performances will feature choreography and "NSYNC-type shit," jokes singer John Mudd.

The video, directed and edited by Justin Ransom (my brother-in-law), was filmed at a recent Granada Theater performance, where plenty of lip-biting Rhythm Nation dancers in the audience were captured on tape. The intertwining interview sees Ishi getting into some unnecessary naval gazing, though -- literally. JJ Mudd talks about the need to disrobe during the set as his calling card, and John describes his look as a "mindfuck."

Can't disagree with you there.

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