Young The Giant, The David Mayfield Parade and This Weekend's Best Shows

It's a weekend full of some pretty good shows and some pretty bad ones too. One of the biggest bills is Young The Giant and Grouplove at The Prophet Bar. If you didn't already get tickets, it's sold out.

Check the print section for previews of Pinkish Black and Nervous Curtains at Lola's and Ed Schrader's Music Beat at Queen City Hall.

The David Mayfield Parade, Wheeler Brothers
Friday, March 23, at Palladium Ballroom

The David Mayfield Parade earned a place in the hearts of Avett Brothers fans while opening for them on a tour last year. The bearded bluegrass/Southern soul singer leads his band in a frequently raucous and hilarious set, which is what fans can expect at this Palladium show tonight.

Casey James
Friday, March 23, at Billy Bob's Texas

It's Casey James' first hometown show after the release of his new self-titled record. I heard the first single, "Let's Don't Call It a Night," on Kathie Lee and Hoda yesterday. (It comes on right before my judge shows). Unfortunately, the segment on makeovers was far more entertaining.

The Klanks
Friday, March 23, at LaGrange

I saw this band last week. Three dudes, not even 20. The songs were good, but their energy was fantastic. They played like there were thousands in the audience. There were 10.

Poo Live Crew
Friday, March 23, at Capital Bar

I can't read the name of this band without giggling.

Starship, John Parr, Survivor
Friday, March 23, at Allen Event Center

The members of Starship painstakingly routed their current tour to only visit cities that could very well have been built on rock and roll, which is why they're playing in Allen tonight. Next stop: Sioux City, Iowa.

The Boom Boom Box, Quiet Company
Friday, March 23, at Lola's Saloon

It's a rare chance for Fort Worthians to see one of Dallas' best acts. The Boom Boom Box is comprised of a mixed bag of Dallas rock alum, so you know it's good.

Air Review, The Rocketboys, Low Dark Hills
Saturday, March 24, at Dada

Nothing new here. Just a really decent local bill for your weekend pleasure. Air Review has left behind their Brit-pop loving ways for a more focused folk pop sound, but lengthy headlining sets like this one allow them to dip into the back catalog.

Paula Cole, Damon K. Clark
Saturday, March 24, at The Kessler Theater

Remember that song at the beginning of Dawson's Creek? What's the over/under on it getting played? Even if you didn't like the show much, Paula Cole has written about seven albums since, and local jazz singer Damon Clark will open the show.

"Winter Jam"
Sunday, March 25, at American Airlines Center

It's a massive Christian music festival featuring Skillet, a dude from Newsboys and a bunch of other, in all honesty, awful, awful bands. Local singer Kari Jobe, who has made a big impact in the Christian music world, will brighten up the bill.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.