Your Heartwarming Clip Of The Day: Lenny Kravitz Joins The Lewisville's First Baptist Church For Impromptu New Orleans Show


, celebrities can be pretty cool sometimes. Even

Lenny Kravitz


Check the above clip for proof. As Kravitz explains in its start, he "was just sitting up on a terrace, having a drink, and [he] heard some strange music." It was his music, actually--the First Baptist Church of Lewisville's band was in New Orleans, performing "Fly Away" on the streets somewhere not too far off from wherever he was. So Kravitz ran toward it. And, soon enough, he joined in on the fun, first on drums and later on the mic. Surely, in turn, he offered up this youth choir the highlight of its trip. Notice, for instance, the paltry crowd before the band before Kravitz arrives. Then take a gander at the size of their audience by the time he leaves. It's a stark contrast.

Very cool stuff. Pretty much the coolest thing Kravitz has ever done, in fact. And, yes, we're counting Lisa Bonet.


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