Your Music Guide To The State Fair, aka Wait, Kevin Costner Has a Band?

If only there were a venue in town where I could see UNCLE KRACKER, Rebirth Brass Band and Kevin Costner's band - WAIT, KEVIN COSTNER HAS A BAND?

Well, sugars, dreams can come true. The State Fair of Texas opens today and if your appetite had not already been whet by our map to all the food matters, let me remind you about all the wonderful sounds of the fair: The DJs on the rides, the weird Celtic groups playing in the midway and I have a fuzzy overserved memory of some fairground karaoke even. It's a lot to take in, but the real bread and butter of the fairground is the Chevy Main Stage. Here you will find a wonderful mix of American Idol alums, some country favorites and Kevin Costner. All for the low, low price of whoever you begged a fair ticket off of. Here are some don't-misses from the official schedule.

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TONIGHT! Kick it off with '70s cover band and Afro-wig enthusiasts Le Freak at 8:30pm!

SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 This is a good one, folks. Kick off the day with local sons The O's and invite your mom up to see her favorite secret boyfriend Kevin Costner front his band, Modern West. Bonus points if you get her backstage.

The O's Noon-12:40p.m./ 1:40p.m.-2:20p.m./ 3:20p.m.-4p.m.


SUNDAY, SEPT. 30 Hey guys, UNCLE KRACKER spells his name with all caps, and he is playing at the fair on Sunday at 5:30p.m. YEP!

SATURDAY, OCT. 6 If you haven't seen Rebirth Brass Band at the Kessler, or helping Erykah Badu ceremoniously shut down a club, you're missing out. I have good news: now you can see them at 3p.m. and eat a corny dog. R&B singer Elle Varner (2p.m.) and lady with the blues Ruthie Foster (8:30p.m.) round out the day. The other big show will be the Battle of the Bands at the Grambling vs. Prairie View game at the Cotton Bowl. Please note, this will be the most fun day at the fair.

SUNDAY, OCT. 7 Ramon Ayala is known as the "King of the Accordion." What, did you want more information? He goes on at 3p.m.

MONDAY, OCT. 8 Bridgit Mendler stars in the Disney channel's Good Luck Charlie, so this is a way you can take your child to see that concert and also drink some beer. 5:30p.m.

SUNDAY, OCT. 14 KANSAS guys, did you not see them at a Fourth of July picnic somewhere? Well, then COME ON! 5:30p.m.

FRIDAY, OCT. 19 See, here is the American Idol alum. Kellie Pickler (8:30p.m.) always charmed me actually, and I think she is best friends with Taylor Swift? So, this is your best chance at a Swift sighting.

SATURDAY, OCT. 20 Don't be a snob. It's (most of) The Commodores. 8:30p.m.

And that isn't even all of it. See the full schedule here, and meet me at Big Tex. I'll be the lady Shazamming the weird rap songs playing outside of the Gravitron.

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