Yuppie Pricks

Austin's Yuppie Pricks exist beyond the parameters of the never-ending "What is punk?" debate. While their music has much in common with the Buzzcocks and the Sex Pistols, their backgrounds and lyrics do not. According to their Web site, lead singer Trevor Middleton has an estimated worth of $30.5 million; guitarist Deuce Hollingsworth claims to be the only third-generation divorce lawyer in the Southwest. You see where this is going. The Yuppie Pricks remake the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK" as "Prosperity in the USA," complete with lines like "I am the next Bill Gates/I buy and sell real estate." What could be more punk than rebelling against everything punk is supposed to stand for? The Yuppie Pricks very well could be the most punk band on earth.

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