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2011 NBA FINALS GAME 2 -- Mavs 95, Heat 93: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Was worried when Dirk Nowitzki left the court during an early timeout. But I think it was more potty break than finger finagling. He dribbled left. He made a hustling save with a lefty tap. A Fraulein finger is zero excuse.

9. And that's precisely why I hate Dwyane Wade. He's a great player, but an absolutely nauseating fraud. Twice in the first half, he fell as though bludgeoned by a blimp without being touched. Jason Terry didn't contact him on a baseline jumper, and Tyson Chandler barely jersey-grazed him as he went flailing into the stands. He's too good to have to act that bad.

8. What a game. Dirk's late three answered by a gutsy call and three by Mario Chalmers. Big shot but even bigger call by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Chalmers misses that and he gets killed by critics for not getting ball to big three.

7. The Mavs got punked. And dunked. For most of the game. Dunks: Miami 7, Dallas 1.

6. So I get a bottled Sprite before the game and the lady behind the counter unscrews the cap and keeps it. "So you won't throw it onto the court," she explains. What the what?! Do fans do this in Dallas or only Miami?

5. Have the Mavs ever had a player who could duplicate LeBron's first-half offensive-rebound slam? Maybe Michael Finley in his prime. Maybe.

4. How fitting that Dirk hit two huge layups -- including the game-winner on a spinning drive past Chris Bosh -- with his LEFT hand.

3. With each missed open jumper Terry's biceps trophy tattoo disappears a little more, kinda like Michael J. Fox from that family photo in Back to the Future.  

2. The Mavs need their turnovers to stay out of the teens. They had 13 midway through the third quarter, including some high-school variety by Kidd (traveling in the open court) and Dirk (second-late pass into the paint). Sloppy mistakes are like filling up the Heat's gas tank for free.

1. Hey Dwyane Wade, guess you didn't watch Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. In that one OKC's Kevin Durant did the "belt" celebration with his team up 15 on Dallas late. And last night you hit a 3 to put Miami up 88-73 and then you posed like a punk in front of the Mavs' bench. After that Dallas closed with a 22-5 kick. Suck it.

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