50 Reasons We're Thankful We Live in Dallas

  1. Dirk.
  2. We have the highest concentration of the best sports personalities.
  3. The Orange Line to DFW Airport actually works pretty well, compared with other DART services, so flying to see relatives isn't too stressful, at least until you land.
  4. The Fair Park bike share program is either a small step -- fingers crossed -- in the right direction toward a citywide program, or will provide many hours of fine City Hall slapstick comedy. We're thankful either way.
  5. The Cowboys sneakily built the NFL's best offensive line.
  6. City planners have yet to screw up Klyde Warren Park.
  7. You can drink all the Blood & Honey and Velvet Hammer you want -- at least until you do a face-plant from a bar stool.
  8. Despite Texans differences of opinions on many issues, we all come together once a year in celebration of fried Twinkies.
  9. The Bishop Arts District has a BBQ place and a bookstore/coffeehouse/bar in walking distance of one another.
  10. Goodbye, Wright Amendment. Hello, Baltimore!
  11. Deep Ellum is back. Like, for real this time.
  12. Rangers and Stars tickets are cheap. Just be thankful. Don't ask why.
  13. There are enough fantastic burgers in the city to make arguing about them really fun.
  14. Free rides on the D-Link, however little its schedule means.
  15. When a drunk Tennessean went on a homophobic rant and attacked a traveler at DFW airport,Texans showed we still know how to step up and deal with bullies.
  16. Three new places to buy records (Josey, Off-the-Record and Spinster).
  17. It's still possible to get an abortion, at least in Dallas, at least for now.
  18. Clay Jenkins: Not afraid to stand up for his principles, which include defending the meek.
  19. A Catholic diocese willing to quietly take in the family of an Ebola victim.
  20. AMC theaters at NorthPark have assigned seating. This is good because it means you get a comfortable seat, and best of all you get the joy of coming over all superior on the people who try to sit in your seat.
  21. We may not have legalized marijuana, but its existence nearby has caused local dealers to really up their game.
  22. In the end, when it was clear he had to go, Craig Watkins went without much fuss.
  23. Wylie H: oracle and sage.
  24. Mark Cuban: the world's most accessible billionaire.
  25. Southern charm: It's a real thing.
  26. Dallas, unlike the rest of Texas, was wise enough not to vote for Dan Patrick.
  27. We've talked about it and come to a consensus: NO MORE TOLL ROADS!
  28. The new White Rock dog park will afford your pooch some first-class shitting acreage.
  29. The new Lower Greenville.
  30. Local homemade tamales are a beloved holiday tradition. (We like La Popular the best.)
  31. The sunsets from White Rock hill.
  32. Sailing on White Rock Lake
  33. Great grocery stores (unless you live in southern Dallas, which admittedly is a problem that needs solving.
  34. Two great airports.
  35. Mexican food. No Tex necessary.
  36. "Fixin' to," "Y'all" and "Boy Howdy."
  37. We're starting to get better at this whole independent coffee shop thing. Method, Houndstooth and Davis Street Espresso opened up this year.
  38. The selection of places to go for hip young people is still small enough that you can't really get away at being an asshole at those places, because the same people and bouncers will come back and remember you.
  39. The New York Times keeps visiting Dallas, feeling pleasantly surprised by how much of a functional city we are and writing nice articles about us.
  40. Police here ever seem to write traffic tickets.
  41. It's so flat you can bike everywhere even if you suck at biking, and no one will find out.
  42. We might be lazy about voting, but we're far from politically apathetic. There are big turn outs for Lyft/Uber City Council meetings and about anything that involves a massive neighborhood rezoning.
  43. We don't let our lack of pedestrian infrastructure get in the way of going pedestrian-crazy during St. Patty's Day on Greenville or Halloween on Swiss.
  44. $1 movies at the Cinemark in Lewisville
  45. Wild Detectives, where you can drink a coffee, read a book, have a beer and watch live music all in one place
  46. Perusing the glorious weirdness of Dolly Python
  47. OK, so that bridge doesn't suck.
  48. The beautifully repurposed buildings in the Design District
  49. Local winter craft beers, like Community Legion. Try not to think about its deliciousness while making a holiday beer run in your crappy midwest hometown, where your choices are bottled swill or canned swill.
  50. Flurries this week, patio weather next week.

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