A 200-Vote Margin for the Hotel Is Now Closer to a 2,000-Vote Margin

Waiting for the boys to call in, as no doubt the mood's shifted at both The Loft at Gilley's and Tucker on Ross Avenue just a bit. Because, with 427 of 534 precincts reporting, the margin's grown wider in the pro-hotel faction's favor: 39,506 (51.28 percent) who voted for the convention center hotel, as opposed to 37,539 (48.72 percent) who cast their lot against. That's a 1,967-vote margin, if my chisembop is correct.

Proposition 2's all but dead: 42,404 against to 30,721 for.

As for the council races, a quick recap: With 23 of 26 precincts in, District 1's a tight race, with Delia Jasso (at 1,063) and Justin Epker (894) likely headed for the run-off there. District 13, where 34 of 35 precincts are in, has gone Ann Margolin by a count of 8,203, as opposed to 6,150 for Brint Ryan. (Apparently, every vote in District 13 was worth ... carry the one ... divided by 42 ... multiplied by pi ... $59,948.32 each, give or take. I have the pile of fliers to prove it.) And all the other incumbents are leading -- even Carolyn Davis, who has 1,207 votes. Closest to that is Ron Price, who thus far has 856 with 35 of 44 precincts having reported.

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