A 21-Year-Old Chop Shop Owner Shot at the Cops on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Last Night, Police Say

The police who patrol West Dallas know 21-year-old Juan Delarosa well. In his brief time as an adult, he's already been convicted on three car theft-related felonies and awaits trial on a fourth. His preference is large pickups -- Ford F250s, Dodge Ram 3500s and the like -- though he's not above stealing a neighbor's Dodge Dakota, which is what he was busted for most recently. He used to run a chop shop at a home at 5022 Canada Drive at the foot of the levees in West Dallas, until a deputy constable serving a truancy notice inadvertently stumbled on the operation.

Given the repeated run-ins with the law, it's not surprising that Delarosa would have a not-terribly-positive view of Dallas' finest, which perhaps helps explain what happened in the early hours of this morning.

According to a police report, Officer Steven Blosser was traveling across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge just after 2 a.m. when he noticed a car in front of him slow down and pull into the right-hand lane. The car's driver, later identified as Delarosa, rolled down his window and squeezed off three shots at the passing squad car.

Blosser flipped on his lights and sirens and gave chase as Delarosa turned onto two-lane Canada Drive and stepped on the gas, ultimately hitting 110 miles per hour. He eased back down to 80 when he nearly crashed into the back of another car, which had to serve off the road.

The chase had gone on for barely two miles when Delarosa hit the stretch where Canada Drive curves sharply for the Hampton Road underpass. His car was going too fast to make the turn, and he ran over a curb, deflating both of the driver's side tires.

Blosser was close enough when the car stalled out to see Delarosa emerge and take off toward the levee. He made it 600 yards when officer, with help from DPD's helicopter, located him. He was taken briefly to Parkland then released to Lew Sterrett Jail, where he faces a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant.

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