A 60-Year-Old Dallas Woman Fends Off Would-Be Burglar With a Solid Kick to the Groin

Jan Daniels was at home at 9:40 this morning, but she wasn't opening the door. She lives in a quiet and generally crime-free neighborhood of winding streets off Preston and Keller Springs in Far North Dallas, but she didn't recognize the three men at her door. So, the 60-year-old stood at the upstairs window and watched.

The men milled about in the circle drive for 10 minutes, ringing the doorbell again and again and again, until they had satisfied themselves that no one was home. Then, she later told police, they split up and moved to the side of the house.

There, two of the men found the laundry room door, which they kicked until it gave way. Daniels had suspected the men were up to no good as soon as they parked their Buick, but now she was sure. She marched to the laundry room and confronted the two men.

"Shame on you," she scolded, according to a police report. "The police are here."

Both of the men were carrying guns, which Daniels described as "black" and "shiny," but she didn't seem to be intimidated. She grabbed one of the men by the wrist of his gun-toting arm, braced herself, and connected on a solid kick to the groin.

The would-be burglar, reeling from both the pain of being kicked in the nads and the embarassment of being shamed by a 60-year-old woman, fell backwards into his accomplice, who joined him in running out the door. Daniels, meanwhile, didn't have a scratch.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.