A Brief Comment About Comments

Uh. Yeah. Well. Hunh. Turns out that during our technical transition yesterday, we managed to lose some reader comments -- not that many, something like a couple hundred out of several thousand. Many of them were attached to Bible Girl items; apparently, the Lord does move in mysterious ways, because we're not sure what caused the problem, but we are working to fix it pronto. Oh, and turns out our new, apparently quite rigorous spam filter may also be keeping some of your new comments from reaching the moderation page. Working on that too. That said, most everything else seems to be up and running. If you have any suggestions or notice any other glitches, feel free to toss 'em up here. We'll keep fine-tuning throughout the day.

As we do that, here's some video from Friday night's storm coverage that suggests one of two things: Jane McGarry has super-hearing, or she's just scared of doors. --Robert Wilonsky

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