A Cyclist Was Stabbed by a Pissed-Off Corvette Driver on Lower Greenville Last Night

Donny Sirisavath and a friend were headed west on Ross Avenue last night at 10:15 when, as they waited on their bicycles for the light at Greenville Avenue, a white Corvette pulled up on their right side. The driver was not happy, according to the ensuing police report.

"Fuck you," he said, the first volley in a lengthy, profanity-filled tirade directed against Sirisavath, 32, and his friend.

Without interrupting his diatribe, the driver opened his door in an attempt to better confront the cyclists. Sirisavath, fearing the man was preparing violence, slammed the door shut. The driver lunged through his open window.

He tailed the cyclists as they turned north onto Greenville, then west on Lewis Street in an attempt to flee. "You like that?" the driver asked as he briefly pulled his Corvette beside them before stepping on the gas.

That's when Sirisavath realized that his arm was bleeding and that the driver had stabbed him when he lunged through the window. He refused an ambulance, opting instead to bike to Baylor hospital, where investigators took pictures of his wound.

Perhaps the city's proposed don't-be-a-dick-to-cyclists ordinance should include a provision about drive-by shankings?

The incident is being classified as an aggravated assault. A DPD spokesman had no additional info about the Corvette or its driver. I've left a couple of messages for Sirisavath, in case he has anything to add.

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