A Dallas Cab Driver Had Pretty Much the Worst Late-Night Hook-Up Ever Last Night

Around 3 a.m. today, a cab driver called the Dallas police to report that he'd been carjacked after dropping off a passenger. He couldn't specify just where he'd been when this happened, and he didn't know the license plate number of the cab, only the unit number.

Upon arriving at the scene, DPD dispassionately observed in its police report that the man appeared to be "sweating profusely" and had "a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person, bloodshot eyes, and unsteady balance."

The cops took the cab driver home and started to write up a police report about the robbery. Then the cabbie called them back. He'd found his cab. And he was "mistaken" about the carjacking thing.

The cab driver suddenly recalled that he had actually met a woman earlier in the evening, a woman he said previously was the passenger he'd dropped off when the carjacking occurred. He now told officers that he'd met her at a 7-Eleven around midnight and gave her his number. He then went home to get his other, presumably non-work vehicle, with plans to meet her later somewhere on Shepherd Road.

But although this romance had a promising beginning (have you ever exchanged numbers with a woman at a convenience store in the middle of the night? I didn't think so), it seems that it wasn't meant to be. When the cops came back to take this second, more hopeful report, the cab driver was alone, "with a bump to his forehead and redness to his right eye." Police weren't able to figure out how he got those souvenirs or determine the whereabouts of his mystery convenience store woman.

The driver was "unable to provide [responding officers] with a consistent set of events that occurred prior to him calling 911," the report states, adding that he "changed his story multiple times and omitted details throughout the incident."

In the end, due to the "conflicting information" provided by the cab driver and his overall level of inebriation, the cops wrote up an "injured person" report and left it at that. The cab driver was released to a friend at the scene, presumably to nurse both a monster hangover and a broken heart.

It was apparently a rough evening for cabbies: just 20 minutes before the broken-hearted cab driver called police the first time, another driver reported that two of his passengers threatened him with a gun and then stole his wallet, cell phone and house keys.

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Anna Merlan
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