A Dallas Man's Snoop Dog Underwear Was Stolen at Gunpoint Last Night

At 8:15 last night, Uthit Worawut and a friend were walking toward DART's Hatcher Station in South Dallas when police say Traymill Cherry walked up to them pointing a .40-caliber handgun.

Worawut, whose is listed on police reports as a resident of The Bridge, was carrying $230 cash, but Cherry was apparently after more than money, and more than the backpack and maroon briefcase Worawut was carrying.

He told Worawut to take off his clothes and, after pistol-whipping him several times in the back of the head, Worawut began to disrobe.

He took off his shoes, a cheap black-and-red pair, then his vest, long-sleeved shirt, and jeans. And finally, having nothing else to offer, he peeled off his Snoop Dogg underwear.

Cherry took the clothes, dirty underwear and all, and ran off. Worawut and his friend ran to a house in the 4600 block of 2nd Avenue and called the cops. They arrested Cherry a short time later for robbery. No word on whether he was still carrying the underwear.

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