A Dallas Woman Shot at Her Husband as He Held Their 3-Month-Old Child Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, at the mobile home they share on Lawson Road in the Rylie neighborhood of Dallas, 52-year-old Warren Miller and his wife began to argue. At issue, police say, was $20 that had been left in the living room.

The argument escalated into something more serious when police say the woman, 34-year-old Shuntarrary Blaylock, ran into the bedroom and returned screaming curse words and holding a Black Talon .380 pistol.

Miller, fearing his wife was about to shoot, grabbed their 3-month-old child from the baby carrier and ran into the parking lot of the trailer park. Blaylock was close behind, keeping the gun trained on Miller. As he tried to hide behind a truck, Blaylock fired twice, narrowly missing them.

Miller flagged down responding officers in the parking lot and told them what had happened and that "I can't believe she missed me and my baby."

They found Blaylock sitting calmly in the mobile home. Her account of things was simple: "I shot at him because he was trying to take my baby."

She directed officers to the gun, which she had stowed back under her mattress, and explained that she does have a concealed handgun license. ("They told us to fire a warning shot," she told police, referring to her CHL training. She apparently missed the day about not firing at one's husband and infant child.)

Blaylock was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and knowingly injuring a child. She's in Dallas County Jail with a $30,000 bond. All this just three months after the couple wedded in a ceremony at Methodist Hospital, according to Facebook.

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