A Duncanville Teacher Tweeted That "Dumb Duck Ass Crackers" Should Kill Themselves

Vinita Hegwood, a Duncanville High School English teacher, has some strong opinions about white people, especially as it relates to what's happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Friday night, she decided to share some of them.

"Who the fuck made you dumb duck ass crackers think I give a squat fuck about your opinions about my opinions Re: #Ferguson," she Tweeted, ignoring the grammar rules she's no doubt been dutifully teaching her students this fall. Then, her kicker: "Kill yourselves."

The firestorm was immediate. Conservative Twitter spread her tweet far and wide, calling for Hegwood's resignation. Sunday night, Duncanville ISD issued a statement.

As an individual, Ms. Vinita Hegwood expressed an opinion on social media that is solely her own. She used her personal social media to make remarks that are offensive. While everyone has the right to free speech, as a teacher in the district, we believe the comments that are alleged to be made by Ms. Hegwood are absolutely reprehensible and we do not condone it.

The district is taking swift action in this matter within the authority set forth by district policy. Duncanville ISD embraces diversity and is not defined by the personal opinion of one.

Our district has a core belief of valuing each individual. Each person is of unique and infinite value; therefore we embrace and celebrate diversity.

Monday morning, the district followed through on their promise to take swift action. Hegwood has been suspended without pay until she is inevitably fired by the Duncanville School Board.

We're as surprised as anyone that someone has eclipsed the legendary Jeff Bliss for DISD's biggest social media teachable moment, but Hegwood seems to have done just that.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.