A Frisco Man Told Police He Was Hit With a Shotgun, Robbed Outside a Dallas Bar This Morning [Updated]

Update at 3:03 p.m.: Amsterdam owner Mike Scheel called this afternoon to update us on a couple of things. One, he wanted to note that the bar does its best to protect patrons and employs an off-duty Dallas police sergeant. The sergeant was actually working at the bar last night when the robbery occurred but wasn't aware of it. Neither was Scheel for that matter, nor were any of the Observer staffers drinking there at the time.

He also wanted to say the two robbers were caught, and that they were caught not long after leaving the bar. Sure enough, police records show that Todd Nickolas Norman, 24, and Darius Renard Bables, 22, were booked into Lew Sterrett this morning on three counts of aggravated robbery.

Original post: A 27-year-old Frisco man and two friends were leaving the Amsterdam Bar last night at around 12:30 this morning, when they noticed a silver sedan idling a few spots away in the parking lot. They paid it little mind until, as they were getting into their car, a black man in his 30s, about 5'10" and 170 pounds with a shaved head, stepped toward them.

He was holding a shotgun, which was trained on the 27-year-old's face. The gunman then clocked him in the face with a shotgun and ordered him to lay down, then demanded money. When it wasn't immediately forthcoming, he muttered "Fine, I'll just kill the girls."

He didn't actually kill anyone, though he did get $19 and stole a $500 Tory Burch purse from one of the women. Loot in hand, he turned and ran back to the car, which was driven by another man who they didn't get a good look at but was wearing a red hat.

The Frisco resident's face was visibly bruised and had a small cut. He refused to be taken to the hospital. Dallas PD put out a general call for officers to be on the lookout for the silver car, license plate # BYR 0454, but they've had no luck as yet.

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