A Kennedale Coach Secretly Recorded His Coworkers on the Toilet, Police Say

A teacher at Kennedale High School was washing his hands when a camera suddenly fell from the underside of the sink and landed on the ground. He handed it to Kennedale Vice Principal Jeff Krieger, who promptly turned it over to the cops.

The cops found the camera contained footage of '"numerous female and male employees using the restroom exposing their genitals and buttocks," according to an arrest report. That's to be expected from a hidden toilet cam. But here's the really creepy part: the cops also found a list of digital "folders," or labels, in the camera's menu, with different teachers' names attached to each label. It sounds like someone was sure putting a lot of effort into documenting his coworkers on the can.

Police arrested Kennedale High assistant football coach Jason Tomlinson Tuesday night in connection with the camera. So far, he faces a charge of improper photography or visual recording, though more charges could be added after police search his home and computer.

A Kennedale Police Department arrest warrant claims that cops traced the video camera back to Tomlinson when they caught some footage of his face as he was placing the camera under the sink. He used velcro to attach the camera, the warrant says.

Shortly after the arrest, Kennedale ISD released a statement:

"Kennedale ISD is shocked and deeply saddened by the allegations against Mr. Jason Tomlinson. Kennedale ISD is cooperating fully with law enforcement officials and we have taken all appropriate actions in accordance with the law and district policy. Mr. Tomlinson has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately."

Tomlinson has reportedly been working at the school since January 2013, and graduated himself as a student there in 2003.

Police say they're still figuring out whether or not any students were recorded.

KCEN-TV spoke with one Kennedale student who described Tomlinson as "like an outstanding role model."

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