A Look at Bella Boyz, One Dallas-Based Show You Won't Find On Your TV

This week's


features the

tale of Michael Manos

, a parole jumper, party planner and would-be reality TV star. Unfair Park's more fashionable readers may remember meeting him last fall as "Mordan Stefanov."

Before a few employees got wind of his real identity -- and complaints from his old associates in other cities -- Manos had big plans to bring an '80s feel back to the Dallas nightlife, beginning with Bella in Uptown. That's also where he'd planned to launch his (online-only) reality show with the restaurant's co-owners, and from the looks of the trailer above, Bella Boyz would have been awkward bromance of the highest order.

Manos led the work on a reality show about his life in New York in 2007 too -- this one called Pop Life: The Adventures of a de Medici. The shows' premiere parties were the last ones he threw in either city before folks from his past threatened to send him back to prison.

After the jump, you can check out the Pop Life trailer and video of Manos living it up at that show's red-carpet premiere.

Manos interviewed at the Pop Life premiere party, September 25, 2008:

The trailer for Pop Life, about Christian Michael de Medici's life, which is "inspired by real events":

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